The Climate Code Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in August 2010, to promote the public understanding of climate science. We work with climate scientists, science communicators, open knowledge experts, funding bodies, institutions, and governmental and inter-governmental agencies to improve software practices in climate science and to encourage the publication of climate science software.

We want to remove any question that poor or unpublished software in climate science invalidates the results. We also want to use software to make climate science more accessible to the public, for instance through better visualization tools.

Before the creation of the Foundation, the founders had been working for several years on the Clear Climate Code project, improving the clarity of the source code of climate science software. They have also started work on the Open Climate Code project, to encourage the publication of more source code in climate science. The Foundation has been created to build on the success of these projects, and to broaden the range and scope of our activities.

The Foundation has established an independent advisory committee of experts in relevant fields, to guide our work. All the activities of the Foundation–from board meeting minutes to detailed accounts–are open and public. We are seeking corporate sponsors, institutional partners, and other contributions of time, energy, and interest.

The Climate Code Foundation is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in England and Wales on 16th August 2010, company number 7346328. The articles of association are available as a PDF.