Minutes, 2011-04-07

The Climate Code Foundation Advisory Committee held its second meeting
on 2011-04-07 at 13:00 GMT (14:00 BST, 09:00 EDT), by telephone
conference call, supported by live Etherpad documents.

Committee members attending:

Kate Willett (chair)
Venkatramani Balaji
John Christy
Steve Easterbrook
Paul Edwards
Glyn Moody
Peter Murray-Rust (online)
Cameron Neylon
Reto Ruedy
Peter Thorne
Andrew Woolf

and from the Foundation: Nick Barnes and David Jones


James Annan
Stefan Brönnimann

In the course of the meeting, Nick Barnes took minutes by directly
editing the agenda document in a live online document (using Etherpad
at okfnpad.org). Formatting note: minutes are emphasized like


1. Introductions, apologies, technical matters

everyone present introduced themselves.
we checked that everyone could see the live online minutes document

2. Minutes from previous meeting.

These are at http://climatecode.org/about/advisory-committee/minutes-2010-11-30/

As they were approved at the end of the last meeting, we do not expect
any corrections or objections, but now is the time to raise them if
there are any.

No objections

3. Committee Procedures.

3.1. Procedures in meetings.

Note that we’re not on webex as we said we might be.

The Foundation expresses appreciation of NOAA hosting this call.
KW apologised for not investigating webex.
PT: issue with using Skype or similar system: it is more intrusive
in an open-plan office environment.

KW will investigate webex, or the possibility of alternating
phone-in meetings between Met Office (KW) and NOAA (PT).

The procedures of the previous meeting seemed to work well, and are
documented in the previous minutes. Brief review for new attendees:
minutes are recorded here in this etherpad document, and subject to
approval at the end of the meeting. If there is unanimous assent,
minutes will be immediately published.

We will continue with this system.

3.2. Appointments

Formally minute (and approve?) the recent advisory committee
appointments: Paul Edwards and Venkatramani Balaji.

Balaji is a WCRP nominee.
The committee now seems to be complete.
NB: The Foundation originally proposed that appointments should be for one
year, but this is up to the committee.

There was consensus that one-year appointments are reasonable.

4. Foundation status report.

The (draft) report is here:
and should shortly appear here:
In lieu of everyone having had enough time to read this, Nick Barnes
will give a brief overview and answer questions.

NB gave an overview of this document, and answered some questions.
General discussion ensued, as we proceeded seamlessly to the next item:

5. Advice

The committee is asked to address this general question:

– How can we improve the Foundation’s plan and strategy, to better
meet our goals?

The status report requests advice in these specific areas:

– Fundraising;
– Institutional Partnerships;

Of course the committee may wish to offer other advice.

Several committee members strongly suggested that we work with
academic partners, get funded as technical providers in several
academic projects. This will help to build up a reputation which we
can use to help gain sponsorship funding in future.

We should talk to Tony Hey at Microsoft External Research re

Several committee members will look into including the Foundation
as a technical provider in future academic grants.

It was observed that it will become easier to get funding, both
academic and otherwise, once we have a publication record.

It was pointed out that a workshop is an excellent way to start
project proposals of this sort, and strongly recommended that we run
such a workshop.

KW suggested that we hold professional skills workshops, for
graduate students. Possibly at UEA?

It was suggested that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office may
have funding for joint UK/US research workshops. Work with JISC and US

COST is a European group funding science and technology
cooperation, who might fund a workshop.

The WCRP Conference in Denver in October might be a good venue for
a meeting of some sort.

6. Any Other Business

Next meeting? Late June. NB will prompt KW at start of June to
start scheduling.

7. Agreeing the Minutes

The live minutes document was approved unanimously. NB agreed to
format them for the web and to email them to the committee for

Actions Arising

Committee members volunteered for various actions:

  • John Christy and Peter Thorne will talk with David Jones about a
    possible project on releasing the UAH MSU satellite data processing
  • Committee members generally will consider naming the Foundation as
    external experts in future grant proposals.
  • Kate Willett will look into teleconferencing arrangements for the
    next meeting.
  • Nick Barnes and Kate Willett will schedule the next meeting for
    late June.