Minutes, 2010-09-22

The Climate Code Foundation
Board Meeting, 2010-09-22

The meeting was held by teleconference
Present: Philippa Davey, David Jones, Nick Barnes

The Board agreed that the Foundation should form an Advisory
Committee.  The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to assess the
work of the Foundation and to advise on future work.

The Committee will be independent of the Foundation.  Members and
employees of the Foundation will not be eligible to sit on the
Committee (but may attend meetings to facilitate, provide information,
and report back to the Foundation).  Minutes of the Committee will be
published by the Foundation.

Committee members should be expert practitioners in the fields of
climate science, software development, science communication, and/or
open knowledge.  The Committee should have at least six and no more
than fifteen active members.  Initial members, prior to the first
committee meeting, will be appointed by the Board.  Appointments are
for one calendar year.  The Committee itself may make re-appointments
and additional appointments, subject to approval by the Board (which
approval shall not be unreasonably withheld).  Should a Committee
meeting be attended by fewer than six members, the Board may appoint
additional members for subsequent meetings.

The Committee should meet approximately once per quarter.  The initial
meeting should take place in October 2010.  The Committee should elect
its own chair, set its own agenda, take its own minutes, and make its
own procedural rules and decisions.  The minutes should be agreed in
each meeting so that they may be immediately published.

The Foundation should prepare a report to each committee meeting,
describing current and planned activities and responding to the
minutes of the previous committee meeting.

The Board anticipates that the committee will meet by teleconference.
Subject to resources, reasonable committee meeting expenses will be
met by the Foundation.  Committee members will not otherwise be
compensated by the Foundation.

Nick Barnes volunteered to draft invitations to possible committee
members.  The Board asked members to propose names to Nick Barnes.
Invitees who are unable to join the Committee should be asked to
propose alternative names for consideration by the Board.