Elevator Pitch

Our “elevator pitch”: explaining the Foundation in 60 seconds:

Public trust in climate science has been undermined, and public support for policy changes eroded. We’re rebuilding that trust and support, by improving the transparency and communication of the science, and especially the software used in the science.

Science software is mostly not published. We’re changing that by working with scientists, funding bodies, and agencies: all the software must be available for the public to see.

Scientists write software without training. We’re changing that by providing, recommending, and promoting training.

Science software is often very unclear and confusing, especially to non-scientists. We’re changing that, by training and by leading by example, through our Clear Climate Code project.

We have 20+ years of relevant industrial experience. We have been working increasingly in this area in recent years. We are known and trusted by climate scientists. We have a growing media profile. And we have a plan.