Advisory Committee meeting

The Climate Code Foundation advisory committee met for the first time yesterday, 2010-11-30. The committee is independent of the Foundation, meets once per quarter, and currently include seven climate scientists, one computer scientist, two specialists in open science, and one writer. Members are distributed around the world, so the meeting was held by Skype conference call, with agenda and minutes in Etherpad. Despite the scheduling challenge, eight committee members were able to attend.

In advance of the meeting, the Foundation produced a status report to the committee, describing activities in the last quarter and plans for the next quarter, and requesting advice on several specific points. The meeting minutes were agreed in the meeting and immediately published on the Foundation website.

The meeting elected Dr Kate Willett of the UK Met Office as the chair of the committee, agreed basic committee rules and procedures, considered the status report, and provided the Foundation with very useful advice and offers of assistance.

The members are not compensated for this committee work. The Foundation would like to thank the members, their employers, and their families for the generous donation of their time. We look forward to the next meeting in February.

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  1. Eli Rabett says:

    Use WebEx. Much better than Skype.

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