Google Summer of Code projects

Today Google announced the final selection of successful proposals for Google Summer of Code. The Climate Code Foundation is very grateful to Google for sponsoring three of our projects:

  • Hannah Aizenman, who will start development on the new ‘Open Climate Project’ work, mentored by Jason Smerdon at Columbia.
  • Filipe Fernandes, who will work on ccc-gistemp packaging, NumPy integration, and visualisation, mentored by David Jones.
  • Daniel Rothenberg, who will develop a Python library of homogenization algorithms, mentored by Nick Barnes.

We’d like to congratulate these students. We very much look forward to working with them. We will invite each of them to write posts for this blog, describing their projects and their contributions to the goals of the Foundation.

We’d also like to thank all the other students who submitted proposals or otherwise expressed interest in working with us. The competition was fierce, and the final selection was not easy. We hope they will stay in touch with the Foundation, and apply again next year. We want to act as a clearing-house or brokerage for devising, funding, and initiating more open-source software projects to advance the public understanding of climate science.

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