Welcome Filipe Fernandes

This guest post is written by Filipe Fernandes, one of our Google Summer of Code students.

My name is Filipe Fernandes. I am a PhD candidate at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth School for Marine Science and Technology, or SMAST. SMAST is part of a system-wide graduate school that combines the marine science resources, faculty, and courses of all the campuses of the University of Massachusetts.

I’m very excited to take part in the GSoC with the CCF, an opportunity which joins three of my passions: coding, science, and education. The coding part involves the interesting challenge of adapting the current ccc-gistemp code to make use of NumPy optimizations to attain a faster code. The scientific part is the opportunity to educate myself in climate sciences and better understand such a controversial topic. Ultimately, the education part will be to transform the ccc-gistemp code into an “App”-like software that anyone can run on any platform. The challenge here will be to create a solid piece of software on the topic in ordinary (non-scientific) language.

In short, my GSoC project goal is to make the ccc-gistemp more user-friendly via a Graphical User Interface, an automatic installer and multi-platform releases (windows/mac/Linux), and faster runs.

My mentor is David Jones, a member of the CCF. I’m looking forward to learning from his experience and hopefully deliver a more friendly code to all users.

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