Student Internships

Are you a student? And a programmer? Do you want to work for three months this summer, paid by Google, mentored by experts, writing code to help climate science?

The Climate Code Foundation has been selected as a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code 2012. We took part last year, and mentored three, student projects. All three projects were successful, and all three students presented work at the AMS annual meeting in New Orleans in January. The experience was very positive, and we are looking forward to repeating it.

We have many exciting ideas for student projects, several of which involve working directly with climate scientists in the US or the UK. If you have experience with Android or iOS, you could make an app. If you have worked with Python and Matplotlib, you could build visualization tools. If you have skills with web frameworks, or RDF, or data formats, or porting old applications, then we have something for you.

Visit our organization page, read our ideas page, join our mailing list, and take part.

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