Google Summer of Code 2012 update

The Climate Code Foundation is taking part in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) again this year. GSoC is a program in which Google sponsors students who contribute to open-source software projects. Each student works full-time for three months (late May to late August), mentored by experts from an organization such as the Foundation, and earns $5000.

The Foundation took part last year, and mentored three student projects. All three projects were successful, and all three students presented work at the AMS annual meeting in New Orleans in January.

This year we have two students, György Kovács and Jeremy Wang. György, in Debrecen, Hungary, is working to produce a version of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature analysis code which can be run without any closed-source components (the current BEST analysis requires Matlab). Jeremy, in North Carolina, USA, is building a web visualisation tool for climate datasets, with the primary goal of a clear and integrated visualisation of the GISTEMP analysis. Both are making excellent progress in their projects, and both have written blog posts with more information, which I will post shortly.

We’re lucky to have a pair of such talented scientists and programmers working for us, and we’re grateful to Google for their support.

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