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June, July, August

Last month I added code to so that it could more easily display the seasonal averages computed by ccc-gistemp and GISTEMP. We can display temperature change for a particular season. It is customary for meteorologists to define seasons in … Continue reading

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ISTI has more data

When we’re using the ISTI dataset with ccc-gistemp, what advantage does it give us? The northern hemisphere is already well sampled, so it doesn’t give us much there. Does it do any better in the southern hemisphere? This is a … Continue reading

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What good is MADQC?

I previously blogged about running ccc-gistemp with the ISTI Stage 3 dataset, and I slipped into that blog post the fact that I had to QC (Quality Control) the data. The purpose of QC is to eliminate data that is … Continue reading

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