You won’t believe what global record 2014 just broke!

Well, this being a blog where I mostly write about ccc-gistemp which computes global temperature anomaly, maybe you can guess.

Preliminary analysis shows that 2014 was the hottest year on record.

2014 global temperature anomaly

Of course there are caveats and qualifications. ccc-gistemp is just one analysis, and while it mimics NASA GISTEMP very closely, rounding and other sources of computational ambiguity sometimes result in a slightly different result. The input to this analysis is GHCN and other surface data published yesterday. It’s not unusual for these datasets to be update again later in the month as more observations reach the data centres.

The biggest caveat of course is that the error estimates for the anomaly in recent decades are about 0.1°C. Meaning that’s it’s extremely unwise to talk about 2014, anomaly +0.67, beating 2010, anomaly +0.66. That doesn’t stop everyone else doing it of course.

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  1. Eli Rabett says:

    Nick, I think someone stole your link to the code project

    • drj says:

      we let it lapse because we weren’t paying attention. *sigh*.

      Almost any domain lapsing gets bought by spam advertisers.

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