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How to run ccc-gistemp with ISTI

Thanks to Piotr Djaków for prompting me to write this post. ISTI is the International Surface Temperature Initiative, previously I’ve written about using ccc-gistemp with the ISTI data. While I’ve modified ccc-gistemp to be able to use the ISTI Stage … Continue reading

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You won’t believe what global record 2014 just broke!

Well, this being a blog where I mostly write about ccc-gistemp which computes global temperature anomaly, maybe you can guess. Preliminary analysis shows that 2014 was the hottest year on record. Of course there are caveats and qualifications. ccc-gistemp is … Continue reading

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June, July, August

Last month I added code to so that it could more easily display the seasonal averages computed by ccc-gistemp and GISTEMP. We can display temperature change for a particular season. It is customary for meteorologists to define seasons in … Continue reading

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