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ISTI has more data

When we’re using the ISTI dataset with ccc-gistemp, what advantage does it give us? The northern hemisphere is already well sampled, so it doesn’t give us much there. Does it do any better in the southern hemisphere? This is a … Continue reading

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What good is MADQC?

I previously blogged about running ccc-gistemp with the ISTI Stage 3 dataset, and I slipped into that blog post the fact that I had to QC (Quality Control) the data. The purpose of QC is to eliminate data that is … Continue reading

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ccc-gistemp and ISTI

This post is also published at the International Surface Temperatures Initiative blog. ccc-gistemp is Climate Code Foundation‘s rewrite of the NASA GISS Surface Temperature Analysis GISTEMP. It produces exactly the same result, but is written in clear Python. I’ve recently … Continue reading

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ZONTEM is simpler, clearly

How simple can a temperature analysis be? The original inspiration for Climate Code Foundation was ccc-gistemp. Our original pro-bono rewrite of NASA GISTEMP. Software that shows global historical temperature change. We wanted the average person on the Clapham omnibus to … Continue reading

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Catching up

I’ve been spring cleaning. For too long I have neglected ccc-gistemp (our clear rewrite of GISTEMP). For a while now it has not been possible to run it. The problems were mostly due to finding the right Sea Surface Temperature … Continue reading

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River level data must be open

My home is flooded, for the second time in a month. The mighty Thames is reclaiming its flood-plains, and making humans – especially the UK government’s Environment Agency – look puny and irrelevant. As I wade to and fro, putting … Continue reading

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Ten reasons you must publish your code

Last week I gave a short talk to the SoundSoftware Workshop 2013. SoundSoftware is a group of researchers in the field of music and acoustics, based at Queen Mary University in London, who promote the use of sustainable and reusable … Continue reading

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Chasing the Dream

Interspersed with my Picking Winners series, here’s another post about the vision thing, a broad outline of how we might get there from here. A month ago I sketched out my vision of the future of science. Of course, I … Continue reading

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Picking Winners: Rule 3 – Find a Strong Community

This is the third of a series of posts intended to help scientists take part in the open science revolution by pointing them towards effective tools, approaches, and technologies. The previous advice is to use free software, and to take … Continue reading

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Software Carpentry Boot Camp, Edinburgh

In a break from Nick’s recent Picking Winners series, an interlude from David about Software Carpentry—definitely a winner. I went wearing my Climate Code Foundation badge to Edinburgh to help out at the Software Carpentry Boot Camp hosted by EPCC … Continue reading

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