If you share the goals of the foundation, you can contribute in various ways.

For climate scientists:

  • Your institution can become an partner to join a network committed to improving climate science software.
  • Invite us to come and talk to you and your colleagues about improving climate science software.
  • Arrange training courses or code sprints to improve your group’s software skills.
  • talk to us about joint projects to improve your science, bolster your publications, and become a leader in software within the field.
  • Publish your code. We use Google Code, which makes this quick and painless. If you find obstacles or hurdles to overcome, tell us. We can help.
  • If you want to write better code, but don’t know how, ask us. We can guide you.

For everyone:

  • If you work in industry, your company can become a sponsor of the foundation.
  • If you work at an agency or NGO, contact us about funding our work.
  • If your organisation has a focus on climate science, or on public understanding of science, or on open knowledge and transparency, talk to us about ways to advance these goals.
  • Help make climate code clearer, by running it, reading it, or writing it;
  • Help to spread the word about the foundation: we want to generate excitement and interest about the role of better software in improving climate science and its public outreach. Blog us, twitter us, tell friends, colleagues, journalists.
  • Lastly, let us know you like our work. Moral support is always welcome.