Institutional Partnership

We are establishing a network of partner institutions who are interested in the work of the Foundation. By becoming a partner, your institution will signal a commitment to improving climate science software practices, and to fostering publication of climate science code. You will receive benefits in the form of discounted fees for Foundation activities–such as workshops and conferences–and reduced rates for Foundation training, consultancy, and other services. You will be listed on an “Institutional Partners” page on our website.

Partnership is only open to bona-fide climate science institutions. Other organisations should consider our corporate sponsorship program instead.

The annual fees for partnership are yet to be decided.  They will depend on the size and nature of your institution. Our expectation is that the fees for the largest institutions will be comparable to our corporate sponsorship rates. Institutions in developing countries will receive a discount.

All our accounting, including the source and size of all financial contributions, is published on our website.