Press Mentions

We collect mentions of the Foundation and our projects here. There are far too many mentions in the blogosphere to warrant collection; use Google to find them.

  • 29th March 2011: Nature published a news story entitled “Data on demand”, on open code and data in climate science. It covers the work of the Foundation, and includes a figure which Nature commissioned us to produce.
  • 16th November 2010: The Guardian, in a piece entitled “The year climate science was redefined”, mentions the Foundation: “Calls for greater transparency around scientific analysis have boosted the embryonic project of the Climate Code Foundation and its efforts to make all climate computer code open-source.”
  • 13th October 2010: Nature published an opinion piece by Nick Barnes, a director of the Foundation, entitled “Publish your computer code: it is good enough”. Nick argues that the software used in all scientific research should be published.
  • 13th October 2010: Nature publishes a news piece entitled “Computational science: …Error”, describing general problems with science software. The article includes quotes from Foundation director Nick Barnes.
  • April 2010: The important and widely-recommended book “A Vast Machine” by Paul N. Edwards is published by MIT Press. The Clear Climate Code project is mentioned in a discussion of “citizen science” (pp 425–426).